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Sjtetl in de Cariben Heerenstraat Curaçao

A Shtetl in the Caribbean

Status: Development | Jews from Eastern Europe (Ashkenazi) fled pogroms and poverty and dreamt of living in America…


Reporters of the West

2008 | The youth documentary Reporters of the West, follows a group of children with colourful names like Shanerica, Kaylee, Ruengelo, Jarid, Richendel and Carlos, on their journey as TV reporters…


Izaline Calister – Lady Sings The Tambú

2007 | Everything in the life of vocalist Izaline Calister focuses on music. For two years, Miluska Rosalina filmed…



1995 | In his familiar hilly surroundings, Ocalia went on to portray the colourful, lively and sunny world of Curaçao….


The Indian Bore A Negro

1992 | The title of the film is derived from a statement in “Guene” by the grandfather of Frank Martinus Arion: “Yokang a pari guene!”…

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