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Prisoner of Java in LUX Nijmegen

Prisoner of Java by director Jan van den Berg is a film about the life of journalist and author Willem Wilraven, who was accused of sympathising with the Nazi’s and sentenced to solitary confinement in Bandung.

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Oerdak- Poem in Progress

2009 | Oerdak – Poem in Progress is a cinematographic and poetic documentary focusing on detail…


Boy Ecury

2003 After the war, in 1947, the prominent Aruban businessman Dundun Ecury (59) comes to the Netherlands…


Prisoner of Java

1995 |Java, 1941. Journalist and writer Willem Walraven (Gerard Thoolen) is imprisoned in Bandung. Thanks to his wilful and non-conformist behaviour he has brought misfortune on himself…

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